The  IATROSCAN MK-6(s) Analysing System for TLC with FID or FPD Detector



Many Institutions for Plant and Crop Sciences are using the system already in order to study the metabolism and biochemistry of the plants. Pharmaceutical companies are using the system for detecting and analysing active medical substances. Several nutrition companies are already using the systems for quality control and research. In fact all high boiling point hydrocarbon substances that could be separated by TLC-Methods can be analysed, both qualitatively and in quantity by the FID-Detector. The low costs per analysis, simple sample preparation and the numbers of samples per hour make this Analysing System very attractive at relatively low costs. We estimate that you and your institution, could eventually use this system for the same purpose. We would than be able to present our documentation and brochures on the analysis system. We would be glad to answer your eventual questions, please feel free to contact us at any time


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The  IATROSCAN MK-6(s) Analysing System for TLC with FID or FPD Detector

The Separation is made with the TLC Method on so called Chromarods and the Detection with a Flame Ionisation Detector (FID). With an additional FP-Detector it is possible to analyse sulphur and phosphorus, too (MK-6).The Analysis is made with different complementary accessories. 

The spotting of the sample is made with a specially developed Application System (Autospotter or Full-Automatic-Sample Spotter) on the 10 Chromarods lying in the Rod Holder. The Chromarods are developed in a special Development Tank. After the separation of the substances the Holder is put in the IATROSCAN. The Chromarods are scanned through the Hydrogen flame. The collector, which is placed above the flame  is generating an analogue signal, which is evaluated with a PC and the SES ChromStar Software.

The TLC/FID Analytical System Iatroscan MK6(s) was developed for the analysing of organic Sustances, wich show no UV-Absorption and no Fluorescence, and give difficults by analysing with GC.

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