SES Franz Cell & Accessories Photos and Information

The 9mm jacketed Franz Cell with the flat ground joint and
clear glass pictured above is by far the most common
variety in use today. When you order any standard Franz Cell
you receive: a donor chamber, a receptor chamber with
sampling port, a stirbar which is not pictured, and a clamp.






The amberized cell shown above a 20mm Franz Cell with a flat
flange joint. It uses a horseshoe clamp that is tightened by
turning the threaded thumbnuts. Long screws are available for
these clamps in all cell sizes for clamping thick devices between
the donor and receptor chambers. One researcher uses devices
30mm in thickness with flat flange joints. Even with a relative
small orifice diameter of 9mm you can still clamp thick devices.





Type 3 Flow Cells like the 15mm cell shown in the photo above
have flow ports but no separate manual sampling port.
The flow ports are made of 6mmOD glass tubing and enter the
bottom and top of the receptor chamber. Either one may be
used as a manual sampling port and if the user desires,
fittings may be provided on the ends of the ports to seal them.
Female luer fittings are most commonly ordered for this purpose.
The receptor chamber in this cell is smaller in diameter than
normal for a 15mm Franz Cell. The user wished to have the
receptor chamber volume to be as small as possible given the
standard height of PermeGear Franz Cells.






The 20mm Franz Cell in the photos above and below has
a flat ground joint with a pinch clamp, flow porting and a
14/20 ground joint in the donor chamber.
A donor chamber with flow porting may be used to
deliver or draw off gases to or from the donor chamber.

These ports may also have female luer joints so
with stoppers in them, the donor chamber may be
used in a static fashion.






The Franz Cell shown in the photo above has a standard
11.28mm diameter jacketed body with a flat ground joint,
but the donor chamber has a female luer fitting on the
top so the user can attach a syringe to it.





Both of the cells shown in the photo above are
11.28mm orifice unjacketed Franz Cells with flat
flange joints. Only the bodies of the cells are
shown, there are no donor chambers.

The small cell has a 2ml receptor volume, the
larger cell has a 4ml receptor volume.





The cell to the right, like the cells shown above,
is also an unjacketed Franz cell.

It has a 5mm orifice diameter but the user wanted
a relatively large 20ml receptor chamber volume
and a flat ground joint.