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The IATROSCAN MK-7s combines the techniques of thin layer chromatography (TLC), an established technique for the separation of organic compounds, with a flame ionization detector (FID). A specially designed Chromarod (a quartz rod coated with a thin layer of silica or alumina on which the sample is developed and separated), is advanced at a constant speed through the flame of the FID, the substances are ionized through energy obtained from the hydrogen flame. Effected by the electric field applied to the poles of the FID the ions generate electric current with an intensity proportional to the amount of each organic substance entering the flame. The analysis with IATROSCAN MK-7s is favorable in maintenance and price, because of the low consumption of solvents and the reusable Chromarods
TLC-FID Analyser
The SES Model 3202 Spotter for TLC/FID techniques is a precision instrument specially developed for applying sample solutions onto the sintered silica gel surface of a Chromarod. The smaller and more concentrated the sample spot, the better the resolution obtained after development of the Chromarod in a TLC chamber (3201). The reproducibility of quantitative and qualitative analyses with the IATROSCAN is closely related to the accurate application of a known quantity of sample onto the surface of a Chromarod in the form of a micro spot. With the "Autospotter" it is possible to apply between 0.020 and 10 micro liters of sample solution. The spotting is electronically controlled through a small external microprocessor module, with a precision of better than 0.5 %
Semi Automated Spotter