we are constantly endeavoring to offer the best Service to our customers. For this we are looking to develop new Methods and Examples for Analyses, to be able to give you a good impression of the work with the TLC/FID Analytical System IATROSCAN new MK-5. We want to offer this service also to the customers which already work with the analyzing system, and want to introduce the latest results of our research on new Methods about the analyzing of Bitumen and Crude oil. This results are certainly interesting for your analyses of Bitumen.

After a long period of research Mr. Vreven and an especially engaged scientist for Analysis of Bitumen could make a better separation of Bitumen on the S.A.R.A.- groups. We developed a new Method of separation, which makes it possible to separate the Aromatics into three groups, corresponding nearly to Mono-, DI- and Polyaromatics. During the research the results of the TLC/FID analyzing System IATROSCAN new MK-5 have been compared with the results of the classical column chromatography. We found much better resolution and separation on Chromarods as with column chromatography. This is an important step to make the Analysis of Bitumen more effective. With this Method it is possible to get a better overview of the composition and the quality of the analyzed Bitumen such as for optimal linkage to polymers.

If you are interested in this new results and methods of analyses, we would like to share the knowledge in offering the Method and conclusions of this research. So that you could save the high costs for developing your own methods and buy this method from us for a token fee.

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Application of FID Accesories for IATROSCAN SES-ChromStar Spotter


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