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SES-i-ChromStar - das Chromatographie Daten- und Kontrollsystem

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The Software SES i ChromStar was introduced as one of the first Windows based Chromatography Data Systems with Windows 2.0. Since this time it has been cultivated and brought to the highest technical standard at every time. Because of the great flexibility of SES i ChromStar all assignments of Gas- and Liquid Chromatography can be solved under consideration of the GLP instructions. For special methods, such as Thin Layer Chromatography or Gel Permeation Chromatography are additional algorithms available. Varied supplementary programs take on assignments like Validations or put back calculations of series of Chromatograms and many more.

The Hardware -
With the new Digital converter USB Box, which is only plugged into a free USB port on your PC or Laptop.

With a specially developed bus orientated System of control interfaces SES i ChromStar can control a multitude of different manufacturers without having to look after a special conditions of this components. Integrated Converters with a resolution of 30 Bit are making the Chromatograms to be recorded with highest precision. Because of being treated as an Windows application by your PC, all advantages of Printer-Drivers and Networks can be used without any restriction.

The Advantages of SES i ChromStar

  • SES i ChromStar is based on modern PC and Windows; it has a clearly arranged structure, and a short training time, high graphic resolution; all Printers with drivers under Windows are usable.
  • Practical baseline operation: time dependent Parameters manual baseline baseline Subtraction proximity functions
  • extensive Chromatogram treatment: Addition/Substraction/Proportion with time shift smoothing by digital filter 1st and 2nd derivative.
  • 3 dimensional display of up to 10 chromatograms in one plot
  • varied Methods of calibration: one-point-calibration, multi-level-calibration, percent-method, normalization, external-standard method, internal-standard-method, external-standard-method with non linear regression, internal-standard method with non linear regression
  • Sample table for use with auto sampler
  • User Manual available in English or German language
  • Chromatograms and reports can be transferred to other Windows programms without problems
  • optional software for gel-permeation Chromatography
  • with Networks worldwide usable
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A Example for SES i Chromstar (click here)

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