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In-Line Cells
In-Line Cells are flow cells available in orifice diameters from 3mm to 15mm which were designed to replace the Bronaugh Cell. They are made from the plastic Kel-F which is the 3M product or Neoflon which is the Daikin product. (This material can be purchased from the Plastic Profiles division of Central Plastics.) In-Line Cells have a unique clamping system which features user preset, repeatable, secure clamping of tissue or membranes. Clamping is achieved with a stainless steel spring that applies pressure preset by the user to the upper surface of the donor compartment for leakproof clamping. The cell design locates the orifice diameters within .1mm of each other. HPLC connectors are used to connect the cells to 1/16 ID tubing. Stirring effects within the cells are easily checked with our unique Twin-Flow Conversion System.
Pictured below is a cross-sectional view of an In-Line Cell with HPLC fittings and sections of inlet and outlet tubing included. The HPLC ports in standard In-Line Cells are threaded for standard 1/4"-28 connectors such as those sold by Upchurch Scientific. We also supply In-Line Cells with #10-32 threaded connections upon request. The In-Line Cell may be thought of as a flow type Franz Cell with a very small receptor volume. In-Line Cells locate the membrane of interest in the horizontal plane and have donor chambers open to the air although occluded donor chambers are available.


The drawing below is an exploded view of the In-Line Cell pictured above.

This drawing is of an In-Line Cell with a donor chamber having threads for a septum and cap. These cells may be used when the donor chamber needs to be occluded but may also be used without the septum and cap.


Series I In-Line Cells and Components - "xx" denotes orifice diameter.
  •    #1K001-XX In-Line Cell 3mm-12mm
  •    #1K001-XX-VD In-Line Cell w volatile compound donor compartment/clamp
  •    #1KM01-XX In-Line Cell 3mm-12mm with interchangeable membrane support
  •    #1KMM1-XX Squier In-Line Mucosal Cell
  •    #1K201-XX Dual-Flow In-Line Cell 3mm-12mm

Series I In-line Cell Extra Components - "xx" denotes orifice diameter.

  •    #1K012-XX Membrane Support
  •    #1K015-XX Donor Compartment/Clamp
  •    #1K016-XX Donor Compartment/Clamp Cap
  •    #1KS02-XX Volatile Compound Donor Compartment/Clamp
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